(the following topics include but are not limited to)

Computer fault tolerance technology

Network and Information Security

Embedded technology

High-performance processor system structure

Multi-machine system

Parallel Computing and Distributed Computing System

Computer system performance evaluation

VLSL design

Computer interface technology

Mobile computing

Global personal computing system, etc.

Adaptive, self-managing and multi-agent systems

File, storage, and non-volatile memory system

Language support and runtime systems

Mining software repositories

Mobile and pervasive systems

Operating and distributed systems

Parallelism, concurrency, and multicore systems

Real-time, hybrid and embedded systems

Computational theory

Algorithm and complexity

programming language

Software design and theory

Distributed data management

Natural language processing

Affective computing

Machine Learning and Expert System

Data warehouse and data mining

database system

artificial intelligence

Operating system and compilation theory

Information Security Theory and Method

Graphics and Visual Computing

Network-centric computing, etc.

Database systems and data analytics frameworks

Systems security and privacy

Virtualization and virtualized systems

istributed Multimedia System

Computer network and communication system

Computing Network Technology and Web Technology

Key technologies and systems of service computing

Computer Graphics and CAD

User interface and human-computer interaction

Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing

Network performance analysis and protocol design

Network management and information security

GPU-based high-performance computing

Information Retrieval and Search Engine

Air Traffic Information System and Control

Civil Aviation Information and Decision Support System

Big data management

Bio-inspired AI

multimedia technology

Information application system development and integration technology

Communication and information system

Power electronics


Embedded system

Circuits and systems

Radio frequency

GPS and wireless positioning

Mobile computing and edge computing

artificial intelligence

Aerospace Electronics

computer network

Antenna and microwave technology

Smart grid and power system planning, operation, analysis and control

Digital signal and image processing

Remote sensing application technology and new equipment

Signal processing and information fusion


Radar engineering

Electromagnetic fields and waves

virtual instrument

semiconductor device

Physical Electronics

Integrated stereo imaging and machine vision technology

artificial neural network

Photon technology

Internet of things

Optical fiber communication technology

Multimedia services and technology network design, protocol and management

Intelligent transportation system

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  • Conference Date: 2024.5.27
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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